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We inspire, educate and develop Future Scientists, Technologists & Explorers using the Earth and Space Exploration paradigm

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in association with expatriate scientists and educators from Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Colorado, National Geographic, American Geophysical Union and NASA among others

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Our Innovation Labs Program is coming to a location near you
South West

5th - 8th November, 2019

Department of Physics Lab 308, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

South South

11th - 14th November, 2019

ICTC, University of Port Harcourt, Abuja Campus, Rivers State

Frequently asked questions

What college / secondary class (JSS1 to SS3) is the program targeted for?
Our target is SS2, and maybe SS1 students. This is considering that the SS3 students may be on their way out of school or intensely preparing for their final exams. However, enthusiastic students in the higher JSS class (such as JSS3 students) may be co-opted. The second reason why we want to include lower SS or the higher JSS students is to encourage them to continue the Young EarthSpace Scientists (YESS!) program in the school before graduating.
What is YESS! program?
The YESS! program is a club, closely associated with Innovation Labs, designed to help the students continue their learning process following the Innovation Labs. YESS! builds a community of like-minds and creates a platform to continue to provide world-class mentoring to the students. This would help toward building a foundation for the future Innovation Labs, and a community to help the students shape their career paths into the future.
How many students can attend the Innovation Labs? How many staff?
The number of students will be based on maintaining a high instructor-to-student ratio. We encourage select staff members to accompany the students – staff that are passionate about science and would be able to help serve as the Coordinator(s) of the YESS! club, helping the students develop an Earth and Space science community in their schools.
Any educational plans for the staff/teachers?
There are the EarthSpace Educational System Certifications, such as the EarthSpace Certified Administrators, designed for the teachers, which is a training-the-trainers program.
Apart from us getting our students & staff to the venue, is there any cost implication for the school?
The public and the low-tuition-based schools are our primary targets. We are committed to provide exciting educational opportunities to students who may typically be excluded from such programs due to cost. Hence, there is no charge for the schools or students. (We are able to sustain this approach thanks to generous donations from private organizations in both Nigeria and the United States.)
Are you able at this stage confirm exact dates, start & finish times and venue of the week-long event?
The dates for the first Innovation Labs in Nigeria is in November 2019, and a broader Labs is scheduled for early 2020, and subsequently thereafter. Exact dates and venues will be published here on our website.